About VocAcademy

When we suddenly had to work remotely and we knew that short pieces of homegrown video content would really help learners but we were not sure where to start?

A brief history

So you have a laptop, a camera and a mic, but you have never made a screencast or a short instructional video before and you are not sure where to start.

You know there is already some great content on YouTube but you are not sure how to create and collaborate on playlists.

This is the place to come for some free staff development to transform your practice.

Where we are today?

As we progress project we will report on milestones and achievements here.

Meet the Team

VocAcademy draws on skills from across the UK vocational sector. We are all teachers with an understanding of learning technology

The project lead is Joe Wilson, Head of Digital Skills at City of Glasgow College. We are coordinating this cross institutional project and have space for many collaborators.

Joe Wilson

Dr Julian Hopkins

Dr Lewis Ross